As Seen On TV Tour

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The As Seen On TV Tour is the perfect Las Vegas daytime family activity! You can get a chance to meet the stars of famous TV Shows like Pawn Stars, Ricks Restoration, Kounts Kustoms, Tanked, and the Welder Up Garage! Treat your family to this daytime Las Vegas family experience!

Our As Seen On TV Tour is a 4 hour guided and chauffeured tour that allows you to chose up to 3 As Seen On TV destinations to stop at within your 4 hour time period. We offer stops at the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop where the famous Pawn Stars TV Show is filmed, Rick’s Restoration, Kounts Kustoms, the Welder Up Garage, and the Tanked Acrylic Aquariums shop. This tour is only offered in the day time between the hours of 10am – 5pm.

This tour is a perfect family daytime activity and will give your family the opportunity to meet the real stars of the shows! Each stop time will vary and depends on the amount of visitors touring the location that day.

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This Tour Includes The Following:

  • Pick up for you and your guests at your hotel
  • 4 Hour Private Charter
  • Stop at Your Choice of 3 destinations
    • Gold & Silver Pawn Shop – Pawn Stars
    • Rick’s Restoration
    • Stop at Kounts Kustoms
    • Welder Up Garage
    • Tanked Acrylic Aquariums
  • Complimentary Champagne & Bottled Water
  • Drop off at your hotel

Starting At: $279.80