4 Extravagant Quinceañera Themes

A quinceañera is a right of passage for all girls entering teen womanhood. It is also an opportunity for the birthday girl to express her style through extravagant quinceañera themes to show who they are to the world. You have to have a one-of-a-kind party theme for your quince, so you are showing your friends and family you are not about being one in the crowd, and you are your own person. A quinceañera is your time to shine, so do it with a quince them no one will ever forget.

4 Unique Quinceañera Themes to Consider

Everyone is special in their own way, and a quince theme is in this category, where it needs to be different from the other girl’s birthday. We have some ideas for your sweet 15 to rock the socks off everyone you invited.

Harry Potter

A quinceañera is magical, so take the literal magic of this moment and take your guests to Hogwarts for your party. If you are a fan of this literary treasure, this is one of the most extravagant quinceañera themes of 2018, as it is often never seen or considered as a theme. You have a wide array of possibilities to go with this Harry Potter theme so grab your wand and cast a spell for a great quince.

Up in the clouds

A quinceañera is you looking up at your new chapter of womanhood. Take the idea of looking to the sky to the next level and make your theme a Disney’s Up shindig. The movie gives you an opportunity for a room full of balloons, and you get to take your guests to a place they always wanted to go. You can also have a colorful dress to go along all the colors the movie used to be a vibrant experience.

Joystick fun

Boys aren’t the only one playing video games these days, and we are now seeing video games as unique quinceañera themes. Girls want to live out their Princess Peach fantasy, so they have Mario themes for their special day. Grab your favorite video game and get the inspiration for some extravagant quinceañera themes.

Capital style

Another literary quince theme is popping up in today’s sweet 15s, and you are going to be hungry for it when you discover it. The book, The Hunger Games, is hitting the mark with many girls for their quinceañeras. You can glisten in your party like the girl on fire, but we do suggest to have food at your party so your guests won’t go hungry.

Arrive in Style to Your Extravagant Quinceañera

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