Choosing the Right Colors for Your Quince

A quinceañera is a first step into womanhood for a sweet girl. It is a party dedicated to her and should be a visual representation of her. One of the first things done for the whole party is choosing the color schemes for quinceañeras. They should be the colors the honoree is fond of, as it is her party. But what happens if her favorite colors don’t work together? While two colors not complementing each other is often unusual, we will help you choose your complementary colors to help make the party as perfect as can be for the quinceañera.

Choosing the Right Color Schemes for Quinceañeras

Baby pink is the traditional color of the quinceañeras, but we all know it isn’t a favorite for many. Modern quinceañeras are opting for their favorite colors and choosing unique themes for their parties. We will help your special girl choose the right colors for her party visually represent her.

Grab your color wheel

While your favorite colors might be brown and red, they might not be pleasing to your guests’ eyes for your party. One of the first things to do for color schemes for quinceañeras is to look at the color wheel and find your complementary colors.

Examples of complementary colors:

  • Yellow- Purple
  • Green- Red
  • Orange- Blue

Any color on the opposite side of your favorite on the color wheel is your complementary hue.

Lights and brights

Are you more of a colorful girl or more soft and delicate? When it comes to your color scheme for quinceañeras, the colors have to be about you and how you are as a person. If you want a more whispy, gentle vibe for your quince, consider a more pastel colors for your theme. If you’re going to scream out to the world you are turning 15, go for the bright colors you know will get people’s attention.

Sticking to one color

If you have a color scheme in mind but the complementary color isn’t one you like, consider just a mono-color theme for your quinceañera.  One color is still enough for your visual representation of your big day. Whether it’s a red affair or a lavender paradise, it is all up to you as the quinceañera to pick the color you favor the most.

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