History of the Limousine

Have you ever sat back and wondered about the history of limousines and where they came from? When did we decide that we’d go from personal vehicles to stretch limousines? The concept of a chauffeured form of transportation has been in existence since the early 1700’s. This dates all the way back to horse-drawn carriages that were pulled by only the finest steeds.

The first limousine cars were a bit different from what you’re probably used to seeing. The difference ranges from seating just one to five people, to over a dozen. Limousines have evolved further than the original creator could have possibly imagined. Here are some cool facts about the history of limousines!

History of Limousines: Where Did They Come from?

The word limousine is a feminine adjective that was formed from the word “Limoges” which is the province in France that started this trend. These vehicles were designed so that the driver sat outside under a separate covered compartment. This form of transportation was called a limousine because the covered compartment physically resembles a hooded cloak that was distinctly worn by people who resided in Limoges!

A Ride for the Wealthy

The history of limos dates back all the way to the early 1700’s when horse-drawn carriages transported the wealthy to and from their destinations. From the start, limousines have been directly tied to the rich and famous. Having a personal chauffeur, covered carriage, and horses showed everyone that you had wealth. It was the perfect status symbol in those times and todays.

Motorized limousines

In 1902, the first motorized limo was created. This vehicle was separated into two sections, still leaving the driver outside. The driver’s compartment was wide open while the passengers had a covered carriage.

Birth of the stretch limo

It wasn’t until 1928 when the stretch limo finally made its way to the streets. Before then, the only difference between a regular car and a limousine were the separate compartments between driver and passenger. Limousines were forever changed when the Fort Smith, Arkansas company Armbruster decided to enlarge the vehicle to best fit large bands and all of their equipment. The first people to own a stretch limo were two bands, Glenn Miller and The Benny Goodman Orchestra. It didn’t take long for this trench to catch on.

Ride in State of the Art Limousines

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