7 Things to Keep in Your Wedding Limo

Marrying your loved one will be the most magical and romantic moment in your life. Behind the scenes of this special event, many things must be in order before the ceremony. Let’s not forget creating a guest list, to-do list, address list, food orders, decorations, wedding limo, and much more! After all of the planning that goes into this, there will always be unexpected occurrences. Whether it’s the weather, a drunk family member, or awkward speeches, there will always be something!

Despite all of the things you can’t control, you can be prepared for certain situations by planting emergency items in your wedding limo! Here are seven things you might want to consider stashing in your ride!

7 Things You Might Want to Keep in Your Wedding Limo

#1 Pocket Mirror

You’ll never understand how useful a pocket mirror is until it’s your wedding day and you can’t tell if your makeup or facial hair is precisely on point. “Do I look okay?” just won’t cut it for this major life moment! Keep a small mirror on hand to make sure you can find and fix any cosmetic issue you may have (hopefully you won’t have any).

#2 Umbrella

Planning your wedding a year in advance has its benefits when it comes to planning things like food, music, guests, chapels, and receptions. One thing you cannot be 100% sure of that far in advance is the weather. Let’s hope your wedding does not fall on a rainy day, but if it does, you can stay dry if you come prepared. Keeping an umbrella in your wedding limo wouldn’t hurt!

#3 Shoe Shining Cloth

Women aren’t the only ones who have wardrobe malfunctions. It’s very easy for a man’s dress shoe to get scuffed or marked up. Keeping a shoe shining cloth is a great idea to rid of any blemishes. You also do not want to be messing around with black shoe polish near your wife’s white wedding dress!

#4 Aspirin

Although your wedding day may be the best day of your life, it may also be the most stressful! A ton of planning and preparing goes into this one extraordinary day, and that can be overwhelming. Keep a bottle of aspirin handy to help aid any mind-related issues!

#5 Flat/Comfortable Shoes

This suggestion is useful for two separate reasons. First, if your wedding photo shoot destination required an adventurous trek, your wedding heels may not be the most suitable footwear to get there. Second, if you plan on enjoying a couple of cocktails and breaking it down the dance floor, flat shoes will almost always work in your favor

#6 Phone

Now you might not be able to carry your phone in your wedding dress, but it’s always a great idea for someone to have one in your limo. You don’t want to miss out on any photogenic limo pictures! Your phone is also a vital item to keep in your limo for reasons like contacting photographers, Dj’s, reception venues, and food caterers!

#7 Just Married Sign

Last but not least, your “Just Married” sign! This may be arguably cheesy, but it is a must-have. You only get one wedding day with your loved one, make it count!

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